Grey Horses in the 2019 Grand National – Full List & Results

Grey horses are a favourite of many a Grand National punter due to the fact that it allows them to follow their horse more easily. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum some consider them unlucky and unlikely to win.

So how many ran in 2019? This years renewal of the Grand National had a total of three grey horses, making up 7.5% of the field. In this article we’ll take a look at who they are, where they’re from and how they got on.

Grey Horses That Ran in 2019

The three horses in question are as follows:

  • 9. Lake View Lad – Trained by N W Alexander, Ridden by Henry Brooke
  • 23. Ramses De Teillee – Trained by David Pipe, Ridden by David Noonan
  • 33. Vintage Clouds – Trained by Sue Smith, Ridden by Danny Cook

Both Vintage Clouds and Lake View Lad hail from Ireland, whilst Ramses De Teillee came from france.

How They Got On

None of the grey horses managed to finish the race, with both Lake View Lad and Ramses De Teillee pulling up at the 27th & 28th fence (respectively), whilst Vintage Clouds fell at the first fence.

Horse Age Weight SP Result
Lake View Lad 9 11-01 14/1 Pulled Up – 27th Fence
Ramses De Teillee 7 10-09 20/1 Pulled Up – 28th Fence
Vintage Clouds 9 10-04 11/1 Fell – 1st Fence

Whilst none of the three grey horses managed to finish the race, that doesn’t necessarily mean that grey horses are a bad bet or that they have any physical disadvantage when compared to other coloured horses. The colour of a horse actually makes little difference to their performance, other than being a little easier to spot in a crowd of other horses.

Some punters are quick to point out that in the ~185 years that the Grand National has been running, a grey horse has only won on four occasions. However there are fewer grey horses that have entered the race, making this less of a trend and more of a case of opportunity. If there were more grey horses, we’d probably have more grey winners.